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My name is James Voss Grumish.

As a solutions architect, I collaborate with agency producers and client stakeholders to create optimized development plans.

As a web developer, I educate B2B marketers on WordPress template solutions to funnel-driven marketing strategies.

I live and work near Minneapolis & Saint Paul.

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Photo of James Voss Grumish appearing smart, but approachable, in a collared shirt but no tie; his brown hair is thinning and cut less than a quarter-inch on top; his beard is similarly shaded and short, but with noticable strands of white; he stands in front of the interior exposed brick wall of a modern office in a renovated historic industrial building; the photo itself is clearly from a semi-professional photoshoot when a work colleage brought a nicer camera to the office.


These presentations were originally prepared for conferences, workshops, or meetups.

If you would like to know more about these topics or coordinate a presentation or webinar for your team, please let me know.

Software Estimation: Estimate better by understanding uncertainty

Learn smart ways to consider and estimate time-based resources for deliverable work. Understand how uncertainty can be accounted for, but also conveyed in an estimate. Use these tools to estimate your efforts better and faster. This discussion is intended for marketing agency developers, project managers, and account managers.

Compliance: Staying afloat in a sea of acronyms

ADA, GDPR, HIPAA, CAN-SPAM, SOX, GLBA, CCPA, PCI, COPPA, OPDP, LGPD. Learn a few strategies for maintaining websites and other marketing initiatives that require some sort of legal compliance. This discussion will give a high-level introduction to several compliance standards and some general processes for brining a project into compliance. This discussion is intended for marketing managers and their agency counterparts.


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